Trash Collection

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Trash Collection

Taking out the trash, probably the most popular chore of them all. Waste Choice is helping residential customers feel good about taking out the trash by offering friendly and dependable curbside service. We offer a complete range of home waste services that include general household garbage, yard waste, white goods, heavy trash pickup and recycling.

Trash Collection

Your home may be a part of a municipality or homeowners association that has partnered with Waste Choice to handle your trash service exclusively or may be in an area where you subscribe for individual service. Either way, Waste Choice can save you money and make you feel like you are earning an allowance all over again.

Residential Containers

  • Waste Choice offers 95 and 65 gallon containers
  • Durable Design
  • Oversized wheels makes rolling out to the curb a breeze
  • Designed to keep animals out

Roll-Off Dumpsters Available For Large Projects

  • Working on a large home project? What about cleaning out that cluttered garage?

    No problem. Waste Choice now offers roll-off containers to help you take on those big projects. Just fill it up and we will come take it off your hands.


We offer competitive rates for all our residential services


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